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They’re one in the same, and I’m the third wheel 💘

One year anniversary with the love of my life 💖 (at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion)

New babies. Humulone to Isohumulone @atomictommy #tommyatomictattoos
Stay classy, Safety Harbor (at Copperheads Taphouse)
Best pins.
Touille and her bread
Self explanatory
I love my best friend so much 😘
Pub sub forever
Newest addition to the family. Baby rat 💖
Drinking with Mr and Mrs Claus at the legion. 🎅🎄 (at American Legion Post 238)
Dream team @gstar1405 @taramcc1

Penguin Santa by luckysundae on Flickr.

Bento #12: Spirited Away! by AnnaTheRed on Flickr.


Kawaii kyaraben